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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
what do you mean different?

+ I wanted to ask: does nike and adidas pay something to TV when they show close up of the shoes during the matches?
TV usually shows closeups to show the personlisation on players' shoes. e.g. "nole" or "Petra", which is part of the reason Nike and Adidas are happy to personalise players' shoes for them. They even go out of their way to attract the camera and comments by putting things like "6" on Rafa's shoes or "15" on Roger's blazer. These aren't just ego fillers for the players, they are deliberate marketing tools designed to invite comments and inflame debate, a la Roger's jacket which is still talked about (case in point here).

As you know, there are official ways for them to pay to have their logo on tv, like being an official apparel provider for the event. Adidas is becoming a big proponent of this in Golf and Tennis as a way of getting their brand more air time.
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