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Thanks for the input. The whole benefit of linking to this google doc is so that I can update it with corrections like the ones you provided. I've really appreciate it if you can review the changes I made.

Page 3 - I discuss and link to the double-pulling technique.

Page 6 - I altered the text to be clear about stringing a few on one side and then switching over.

On page 7, if you see the picture, I was doing a few on one side, then switching and doing a few on the other side. The picture shows that I have done three on each side of the first two. I just wasn't clear about it.

Page 10 - I altered the text for tension on crosses to include the one-ahead method as an option. I also linked to another tennis warehouse discussion on the benefits of weaving one ahead. I personally weave one line, clamp, then weave another and take the furthest clamp and use that. But, I have weaved one ahead before.

If there is any improvement you can find in my edits, let me know. It's all for a good cause!

Thanks again!
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