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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
Sounds a good idea. We have grass at our place so let me know if you fancy a hit sometime. Lead worked well as described in my edited post above. Added to power on serve but didn't unduly affect mobility which is an issue for me in doubles.
sounds like the lead tape experiment went well!!!!
i found it to be a pleasure in doubles,the return of serve was excellent as well as half volleys and net play.
its really all i play now as my knee,s/pattela tendons give me grief,
i do play a few singles but only club friendly,s.

thanks for the offer,we have a few grass courts at our club but i like the hard court,s as the bounce is easier to read,ive only been playing a year but get tuition once a week and dont worry im not a pusher lol

smirker the offer is returned and if you fancy a change from grass let me no.

cheers garry
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