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Originally Posted by GarryClarke View Post
sounds like the lead tape experiment went well!!!!
i found it to be a pleasure in doubles,the return of serve was excellent as well as half volleys and net play.
its really all i play now as my knee,s/pattela tendons give me grief,
i do play a few singles but only club friendly,s.

thanks for the offer,we have a few grass courts at our club but i like the hard court,s as the bounce is easier to read,ive only been playing a year but get tuition once a week and dont worry im not a pusher lol

smirker the offer is returned and if you fancy a change from grass let me no.

cheers garry
I see you have a leather grip on there, was thinking I might try that myself. Have leather on my Dunlops and it definitely enhances them. Let me know if you are ever up this way, we have hard courts too.
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