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Originally Posted by F L O B B E R View Post
Oh come on... is Sportsmanship dead? Let the team play. You would feel better about the win - not to mention your #3 Doubles team would get to enjoy the excitement of competing in a playoff match instead of being handed a W via a technicality. Seriously, folks - we aren't playing for money here...

I think your line of thinking regarding Sportsmanship can go both ways.

If the match time is 7pm and an opponent shows up at 7:17. That's technically a default. Would I be inclined to ignore and play the match? Yeah...I didn't rush out of work to waste my evening winning by default and not getting to play any tennis.

If they don't even show up at all that's a waste of my night. I would take the default and mentally move on to the next match.
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