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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
I think the guy was ttwarrior....

Seriously though. Yeah. The captain of the womens team at the club stands outside by the lounge area by the courts and asks people not to play next to their players. There are 8 hartru and 2 hard courts. They take up 6 courts usually. So there is usually an empty court next to theirs. There is no fence as its outside but there is a little sitting area between each court of about 5 feet paved with stone with chairs etc.... there is a lot of space. There is no reservation of court time as when they are done with a match and vacate a court its free to use. It does not cost them anything beyond the club fees we all pay. The place is not busy enough to have sign up times.

She has all of the players expecting nobody besides their team members playing next to them during a match. Its wrong and I just tell them I won't bother them. Its actually against club rules to hold a court when no one is actually on it. You cant be playing on court 1 and tell someone coming on court 2 you can't play on it when it is sitting empty.
She wouldn't like me. I'd just go out there. Especially if she is trying to tell me that I have to play on hard courts when there is an open clay spot.

Don't know what kind of rules your club enforces, but that'd be worth complaining about.
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