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Default Has Anyone tried Arrow-Up clothing?

Has anyone tried fellow TTWer Kimiguroo's brand of Apparel, Arrow-up?

I purchased some clothing as a part of their junior sponsorship program, and am very impressed.

Firstly, let me talk about the look. The orange zip-shirt is very nice looking! The orange looks good, and I really like the zipped-up look (I was worried about this, but it looks very cool in person). In addition, I like the shorts (they have a cool feature, the left pocket is larger than usual, so I can carry more balls than usual) .

The shorts fit well, and are very high-quality!

The wristbands are where this clothing really shines. The wristbands are thinner than Nike's, and they feel better IMO.

But, my favourite thing that Arrow-up offers is their personal insignia option. They designed me a custom logo and put it on my hat and put it on my shirt! Pretty cool, huh?

I also like the price! For a shirt, a pair of shorts, a hat, and 2 sets of wristbands, the total cost was $65 dollars! That's like one Nike shirt!

Give this brand a try guys, I'm sure you'll like it
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