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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Thanks to everyone for participating. I am going to try the 44's. My order to TWE will be made in a week or so, and I'll update this thread when I've got them and given them a whirl.

Now, what size bag to get...
As far as bags are, bigger is better.
I started with a smaller one, then bigger, then bigger till I ended up eventually with a monstercombi, as once you put a change of cloths, shoes, a few cans of balls, a couple towels, (1 for shower, and one for game to wipe racquet and hands), soap, shampoo, deoderant, phone,few racquets,tape measure (nets are typically not set properly), etc. etc, it all adds up, and zippers can only pull it in so much before something gives.
Bigger is better.
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