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Today was a pretty darn good day. Hit the gym in the morning and pulled a 180lb deadlift for 5 reps. It isn't stalling out, so I am happy with that. The soreness in my legs is also going away... some what. It is still there, but it isn't as bad as before. I feel like weight training is kind of ruining my tennis training because of the soreness, but oh well. My body will eventually get used to pushing the weights around.

I got to play tennis on a private clay court too. My friend's friend owns it... If that makes sense.

It was pretty nice. Way nicer than the 'dirt' at the local club. WAY NICER! The crap at the local club shouldn't even be called clay or har-tru. I still despise clay, but I think it is good to play on it because it is easier on my ankle.

With that being said, I hit and moved a lot better than I was expecting. My ankle is a bit sore, but the 'big tournament' is only a month away and I need to push myself. I will monitor it closely. I also fixed my backhand. I finally paid attention to it and found that I was cutting my swing off way too soon and not going over the shoulder. All in all, it was a solid hitting session from my friend and I.

I don't know what I am doing tomorrow, but I hope I can hit before I have to work!

Also, what do you guys think would be a fair price to charge friends for stringing? The whole not getting paid for stringing at RIT ****es me off and I don't want to do that again.
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