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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
Cool, just send me a message and we'll hit the courts! Re the overgrip sweaty problem the only one I have found that does not get slippery is Tournagrip. Cheap at Sports Direct too, which reminds me; must pick up some of the Babolat dampeners they do. My red ones are just not cutting it in the PD.
good man

gonna look on direct sports now....

and believe it or not,on my old head lm8 i had to put 4 overwraps (grip 5) to get the proper fit!!!!!

luckily the PD,s grip size comes up big and i havent had to add any overgrips,so only added the leather grip and its top notch..

how the hell is your dampener cutting into your PD ?????

ive got the old babolat one in yellow/black and looks cool lol
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