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Originally Posted by cap217 View Post
I used my prog 200 for the first time yesterday. I watched the wrong videos so to get started I was confused. That took about 20 min to figure out how to keep the tension for the first strings (I was watching a tutorial with an expensive non-floating clamp machine).

Anyways, it took me a while (I strung a head youteek with the free gamma syn gut) but was easy enough. Its a lot of labor though.

Also, I bought the extra clamp when I bought the machine but didnt use it at all. When/where would I used the clamp?

Do you mean a "starting clamp"? If yes: Starting crosses (See "Yulitle" ( video regarding starting crosses with a starting clamp). Pulling string and tying (see "Yulitle" video on tightening knots). "Jumping" when string not long enough to reach tensioner (Use with additional piece of string. See Some "specialized" racquet patterns. Backing up another clamp when starting mains when forces are the greatest on a clamp.
Still with the Head LM Radical MP/OS. The dying art of the 1HBH. Gamma X-2. Would a higher-end machine get me more forum "cred"? ;)

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