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Default Re: Take the ball on the rise

Originally Posted by jkhtennis
My opinion is not to let the ball get higher over your shoulder. Take the ball on the rise just like Agassi does. So long as you can use your quick foot to get to the ball and hit it on the rise, you will be ok. It does not matter whether you want to slice it for better control or add more topspin.
I think the trouble with telling people to hit it on the rise is just that - it is words. Hitting on the rise for most rec players is difficult since hitting on the rise requires practice and time spent on the court developing the footwork and timing to consistantly hit it and begin to trust your swing in a match.

I would venture to guess 99% of the players on this board that tell people to hit on the rise cant do it themselves on a consistant basis. People that suggest hitting on the rise also probably hit on the rise very seldom themselves and that bringing up a player like Agassi (and implying "if he can do it, I can do it") is well like saying, if Agassi can win the US Open, I can win the US Open.

I think for most players at our levels going with John Thomas advice is the way to go.

If you want to take those balls more aggresive, you can add a jump like Blake does in his swing. But that too takes practice. Or you can work on taking them on the rise. Just keep in mind, taking shots like that on the rise on a consistant basis in a match will require some solid training and a fair amount of time.
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