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Originally Posted by JediMindTrick
I think that aspirin actually dilates the blood vessels so it will increase the blood flow. But you are right about the ice.
Hi Jedi,

I'm not a doctor, so I can only weigh in with what i've been told.. The doctor who administered the prolotherapy shots sent me home with very strict instructions to NOT take any aspirin, ibuprofen, or alleve. In short, he told me that the swelling that the prolo shots would cause was - in the case of TE - productive in that it brings blood to the area. NSAIDS, he claimed, interfere with this process. ..How it does this, I'm unsure. I do seem to recall his use of the word "vasoconstrictive".

Again, it is the opinion of an increasing number of researchers that TE is not tendonitis as there is little/no swelling. ..It is tendonosis, which is defined as tendons that are frayed, and damaged to the point where they no longer readily repair themselves. ..Efforts at reducing the bodies natural tendency to "shunt" blood to the damaged area (i.e., swelling) are counter-productive in treating TE.
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