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I think you are missing the point here. Nobody is arguing that you have ripped them off. The problem the posters are having with you is that due to the fact you sound very enthusiastic and ready to buy, they will put other potential deals on hold, just for you. Thus, I believe that it is more than fair if you contact the potential seller within a day or two after you have expressed your interest, to let them know one way or another.
I, for one, will ignore all of your requests to send you pictures ASAP. To me, it just seems like a waste of time to deal with you, when I could sell my racquets to several others in the time that you get back to me.
I don't think that there is anything wrong with seeking the best deal, as that is what we are all in search of. However, telling someone that you are ready to buy, or even that you will buy the racquet, and then not contacting him/her for an extended period of time, makes you, at least in my view, a waste of time.
Once again, nobody is accusing you of ripping them off but you have been a major pain in the *** for lots of people here on the boards.
Just to give you some of your own medicine, the next time you list racquets, I will tell you that I am interested in every one of them and ready to buy ASAP and then I will not e-mail you back. We'll see how that makes you feel.

Sorry if this post sounds a little bitter. However, I just think that wasting someone's valuable time just so one can save $5 or $10 somewhere else seems like a low move to me.
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