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Originally Posted by syke View Post
Which of the 3, MgR/I, MR^2 or Effective Mass should have the highest importance? Which should I achieve first?
I'm not travelerjam but I have done this to my racquet.

MgR/I = Accuracy (Equation uses Mass, Balance, Swingweight)
MR^2 = Byproduct of MgR/I (Equation uses Mass and Balance)
Effective Mass = Power/Shock Absorption (Equation uses Length, Mass, Balance, Swingweight)

For a quick adjustment, MgR/I and Effective Mass would have the most importance depending on what you are wanting.

To adjust to all the equations.
1. Find your optimal MgR/I value (sets your optimal swing)
2. Increase the Swingweight to the 340-380 range changing the Effective Mass keeping your MgR/I value as same as possible
3. Adjust the Mass for the MR^2 keeping your MgR/I value as same as possible
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