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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
I don't get it. You win, but you're not happy that you did it by adjusting your strategy to a successful one?

I'd work on this "new you" in practice matches. If you are playing tournaments to win them, be thankful that you have a plan B to fall back on.
Basically this.

Be thankful that you have a plan "B"

Practice, practice, practice....and challenge yourself to play like you practice. But you've got to think about things like a journey.

in the past you were 100 % your old game. Then maybe it was 30% new game 70% old. From the sounds of it, you are using your aggressive, fun, winner friendly(with some UE) new style of dictating tennis about 60 or 70% of the time. Don't sweat that it's not there 100% yet.

Even the top, top guys use a bit of both styles you are talking about. And if they don't then they are one dimensional Kevin Anderson, Ivo Karlovic types where there is NO plan B.

Sure you probably want to get to the point where you are using the new stuff about 90-95% of the time...but let it come naturally. From the sounds of it, you've already made tremendous progress.
I am a HUGE Andy Roddick fan but I am aware that he has a Loopy, puff-ball FH. I Love Andy, but I'm realistic about how much he blows.
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