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Default U.S. Open

When top pro golfers are made to look like rank amateurs, that has to be one of, if not the toughest, golf courses I've ever seen for a major tournament.

Tee shots off the fairway. Second shots into the sand. Sand shots to five feet away from the cup. Two putt. Insane amount of short putts for birdies and pars missed from bad reads, and almost every golfer leaving 10 foot putts short by 2 feet. At times it was almost painful to watch.

Sure, there were several birdies, some eagles, and even a hole in one, but overall the play was lackluster. Even the announcers were having to hold their tongues at some of the shots displayed.

The winner's four day score was one over par.

Ironically Beau Hosler, a 17 year old high school kid playing as an Amateur finished better than Tiger Woods.

I don't play anymore, but those of you that do, what are your thoughts about what you saw?
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