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I've been following the NBA playoffs closely this year and last night I was switching back and forth between the US Open and OKC/MIA and found the Open far more captivating than the basketball game. The drama of the straightforward, individual action/consequence factor of the Open, juxtaposing the relative arbitrariness of the ref's whistles in the basketball game, was apparent in a way I hadn't compared before.

I have mixed feelings about how the course set-up determines the national championship. These professionals have amazing ability to shoot under par. Their consistency and ability to control their shots, and their abilities around the green, aren't fully recognized by most viewers. The typical US Open set ups don't allow these abilities to be displayed to their potential. On the other hand, all aspects of the game; accurate driving, shot shaping, short game and putting skills are exposed to the sternest of tests and make for captivating viewing.
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