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Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
Just curious if others get down more with unforced errors when you are playing with better people or tend to get more self conscious about your game? That's something I need to work through for sure.
I definitely get more self conscious about my game playing with people that are better than me. The amount of unforced errors I make depends on how much I focus on the ball when I'm nervous.
One time at a charity pro tournament, I got called up to play a point against Agassi, and there was no doubt there who was the better player. I'd never even played in a stadium before and throwing me out there in front of a huge crowd nearly gave me a heart attack. But at the same time, being more self conscious helps me focus on playing points one at a time, and in the case with agassi, i ended up hitting a winner on him!!!
Playing with better people is all part of the learning process. You did well sticking in there!
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