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Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
Just curious if others get down more with unforced errors when you are playing with better people or tend to get more self conscious about your game? That's something I need to work through for sure.
I play recreationally with some people around town. Mostly doubles because there are only 2 courts and about 4-12 people show up so we have a rotation on the two courts. Anyways I'm easily one of the worst players out there (also easily the newest as besides me the newest one has been playing 3 years). When I'm out there with them I tend to "play up" and do better than I did back home when I played people closer to my level. I mean I make alot of UE's and mistakes but I laugh them off and they don't matter as much because I'm kind of expecting them when I play those guys.

My mental game gets thrown when I'm playing people I know I can and should beat... and yet I can't seem to get the ball over the net and in :/
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