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Default At least No Double Bagels!!!

Well Sports Fans I survived the US Open Playoffs. Although I lost, the match was competitive and had a major blast. After my match, I got to watch some really impressive tennis.

Anyway, for those keeping score, I'm 46 and a ranked 3.5 tournament player in Texas. I lost to a kid whose a Super Championship player 6-2, 6-2.

I was actually shocked I won as many games as I did. Too bad I didn't capitalize on the chances I had...

For those that wondered what we got, aside from a folder with important info on the tourney, we got a cap and a shirt with the players names on it. I was even interviewed after my match. You never know it may show up in the Playoffs show they have on Tennis Channel. Probably not but I can dream...

Oh well it was a one time opportunity I enjoyed. It was cool to be treated like I was important in the tournament...

If you get the chance, try it... Don't worry about your skill and ability, just have fun!

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