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^ That's true. Being debarred from this Oly may not do them much since they play a lot otherwise. I thought it might be a good lesson to them and others not to enforce their issues on selection committees.

Also, given their age, if they are debarred this would be their last OG. I think there is a matter of pride in representing your country at OG.

Even if I grant that MB has some old chick issue with LP, Bopanna also refusing to play is silly. He's not MB's wife, that if MB says no, he too will. This seems like some petty politics that MB is playing, altho i don't know the truth.

So we send a lower ranked pair of Bhu-panna while we could have sent a better pair, and then the best person Lee goes with someone who has been injured for eight months (Somdev) ???

Just because Bopanna refuses to get along with Paes, because his friend Bhupathi is pulling string from behind.
Not sure I'd fully blame MB - you can blame him for petty issues with Paes. But I find it difficult to believe that RB would chose to shoot himself in the foot by refusing to pair with Paes. It appears that there are serious issues with Paes, that make him generally unlikeable in Indian tennis circles (and beyond). Of course all of this is speculation, and the truth might be something else...

I don't think you can add up the numbers and get a better pair. Even if on paper, Paes and Bopanna make the best pair, they have to gell well to have a chance. All this talk of burying your differences aside and doing well for your country is good in theory -- in practice if they aren't even on speaking terms nothing much is going to happen.
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