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^ True, but I am looking at it from another angle. If we refuse to bury our differences then nothing can happen. But that does not make it a valid excuse.

As i see it RB is refusing to put aside his ego issues or whatever, most likely on MB's pressure.

In the past, Sania has put aside personal religious considerations and teamed with Shahar. (I think they only parted when there were too many threats and external pressure).
Bopanna had no issues playing with Aisam. I think we have a choice to put aside our views and ideologies and past and work together, or to make an obstinate stand that it will not work, which it wont, since we've already decided not to let it.
In this case I'd squarely put the blame on the AITA. It was well-known that MB-RB wanted to partner each other, and they got together for this very purpose, and were reasonably successful. Equally well known that MB-LP tried to get together last year, and it didn't work out for the umpteenth time.

Why then does the AITA try and force two unwilling partners to play for "the nation" ?

This article says, what I am trying to convey better ...

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