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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
As usual you grossly exagerrated the truth and think speaking in hysteria strengthens your argument when it doesnt. Del Potro at the 2009 French was not that great. He was great for him considering he isnt a great clay courter to begin with, probably as well as he will ever play on clay. He struggled vs clay mug Tsonga, and his draw to the semis was a cakewalk.
delpo in that semi final was absolutely brilliant. He was hitting nearly as hard and with as much precision as soderling.

delpo struggled with tsonga ?

really, 6-1,6-7,6-1,6-4 ..... handing two breadsticks, losing one set in a TB is struggling ??? ha ha ....

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
He then wore himself out and lost to a pushing and tenative Federer who was playing mediocre until playing a great final at that years French. Djokovic has never lost to Del Potro, and I highly doubt he would lose to the 2009 French Open version of Del Potro at either the 2012 French or 2010 U.S Open either. The Del Potro of the 2009 French probably wouldnt have even won a set vs Nadal at this years French, no chance in hell he goes on an 8 game run at one point or goes to a almost a 4th set tiebreak, so already the idea he was way better than Djokovic at this years French is clearly false.
federer was playing well in patches until the final .... he played well vs haas in the last 2 sets ( of course haas' form had come down as well ), vs PHM in the last 3 sets, vs monfils and played decently vs delpo as well .....

delpo after come back , breadsticked nadal in davis cup on clay and was serving for the 5th set ..... nadal wasn't playing as well as he was in FO 2010, yes, but delpo wasn't playing as well as he was in FO 2009 ....

the idea that djoker 2012 FO final ( apart from that stretch of 8 games ) coming even close to how delpo was playing in 2009 semi is laughable ...

djoker was down 2 sets to love vs seppi and was down 4 MPs to tsonga at this year's FO .... yes, the same claycourt mug you referred to before ...

weren't you also yapping again and again about how delpo was a grasscourt mug, but didn't he give nadal one hell of a fight at wimby 2011 ?

duh !!!!

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Roddick played great at Wimbledon 2009 but still nearly went out to an old and injured Hewitt. He wasnt that much better, if at all, than Djokovic at the 2 slams you refer to. Djokovic wasnt playing that badly at those 2 slams, if he were he wouldnt have even been in the final and been competitive with a red hot Nadal.
hewitt was playing really well at that wimbledon because he finally was getting an injury free stretch ....

and yes, roddick 2009 wimbledon final was much better than djoker USO 2010 final or FO 2012 final , its a no contest frankly

USO 2010, he got lucky that federer was on an error-fest and even then he had to save MPs (granted that took courage ).... had a scare in 1R with troicki as well IIRC , going to 5 sets

FO 2012 , already mentioned above .....
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