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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Lol you're right Del Po was better than Djoker 2010... until he gassed out and was physically DONE like a dinner. It was so visible that JMDP barely had anything left and Fed was playing poorly enough to allow him chances. I'd say RG 09 along with '12 are his worst RG performances since 04. He even struggled past a what 31? yr old Haas.

Delpo was not playing at a higher level than Novak this year, that's just complete crap from your part. It seems that if Nadal beats Novak, it's because he has played crap yeah? The only reason he pushed Fed to 5 sets was because Fed played well below his best too.
Jeez, learn to read. I was talking about delpo @ FO 2009 and not at this year ......

Novak's form was wildly fluctuating this year. He was down 2 sets to love vs seppi and down 4 MPs to tsonga ..... he played well vs an error-prone federer in the semis and in that 8 game stretch in the finals that;s it ....Apart from that in the finals , his BH sucked outright , wasn't able to get a good first serve in when required .....

RG 08 and RG 12 were easily worse than RG 2009 as far as federer's form is concerned ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Keep sooking but everyone knows for a FACT now that Fed has only beat the #1 or #2 (if you're ranked #1 you cannot face #1 lol) ranked player in 4 slams in his entire career.
I already debunked this cr*p ....Plus even though he didn't win it, fed also beat novak in FO 2011 ...

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