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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
See now it's quite obvious that you have a Fed poster on your bedroom cieling and dream about him all night long. Baggy was MUCH better than Sod and Berdych? For what the first 2 sets until he choked the second set? He got bagelled in the third and lost the 4th 6-2 . That means he won a total of JUST TWO GAMES after having the chance to serve for the 2nd set and choking, and you want to justify that as a tough final opponent? GTFO LOL.

Gonzo was also pretty average after the first set. It's not really much to justify that Fed had it tough, was it tougher than Rafa's RG and WIM 2010? Well who cares seriously we're comparing crap finals performances here on both sides. I've already stated on 2 occasions but since you can't read I'll say it again, RG and WIM 2010 were EASY SLAM WINS for RAFA. However, they are the ONLY 2 really easy slams he picked up, Mr. Fed otoh has picked up quite a few more. I suppose you're going to say Phillipoussis was tough too lol.
gonzo was pretty decent even after the first set ..... nowhere near a cr*p performance like berdych/soderling in 2010 finals .....

baghdatis actually played well for 2 sets atleast. soderling only for patches here and there and berdych lost it whenever it got anywhere near close ...

I'm not saying gonzo or baggy were super-tough, but they were by some distance better than sod/berdych in the 10 finals ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Ferrero? lol coming off his loss to CHRIS GUCCIONE in Sydney? The guy who beat a bunch of clowns to make it to that semi?

Safin was clearly gassed out he played what about 3 5 setters before that final, 2 of which coming in the QF and SF stages.

Hewitt was coming off a poor 2003 where his ranking dropped coinsiderably and didn't recapture his form until later in the year. I sooo wish Rafa was able to get those first 2 TBs against Hewitt the round before, he could've gone on with it and faced Fed in the 4th rd. THAT would've been interesting!

So who's his tough opponent? an 8th ranked Nalbandian who played to his ranking. WOW. Much tougher than beating Novak in 2010 USO
yes, 2004 rafa who beat a sick federer in miami and lost to hewitt in straights would make it interesting vs federer in excellent form ? LOL .....

hewitt had just beaten federer in the Davis Cup in 2003 , coming back from being down 2 sets to love ...

ferrero was rapidly improving on HC at that time ...

nalby of course was playing well ....

safin, though admittedly had some fatigue , still put in a performanc by some distance better soderling/berdych put in the 10 finals ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
but but but Agassi was past his prime, so it doesn't count right? Lol he was 34.5 years old and still pushed Fed to 5 sets imagine what would've happened if he had to face Rafa or Novak, not a chance in hell he would've beat them.
the wind was a big factor in that 2004 USO match . and clueless, federer actually beat novak at the USO in 2007,08 and 09 ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
And here we go this is amazing, Hewitt who got bagelled in 2/3 sets in the final and you talk about quality play lol you're making a complete fool of yourself and contradicting yourself so bad now LOL.
hewitt was playing well until the finals, then just taken totally out of his comfort zone by federer playing his best. Granted that wasn't hewitt's best or close to it, but federer's form was the overwhelming factor in that ...

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