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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
Strawman argument. But yes if Roddick made it through the draw and Nadal didn't then Roddick was playing better than Nadal. Nadal entered as many Grand Slam tournaments as Federer, if he couldn't even make it to the final then the chances are he wouldn't have been able to stop Federer anyway.
Absolutely. Strawman argument and that's why *** is on my ignore list.

The very similar case for Gonzo in 2007 AO. He blew everyone including Nadal off the court. Of course he's not a star player like Nadal, so only irrational fans like *******s will say Fed wins wasn't that impressive, ignoring the fact that Gonzo was playing out of his mind except only judge him by his GS history(LOL !). We don't even know if a prime Nole/Nadal would have beaten 2007 Gonzo.
Thereís a lesson here for every tennis umpire: donít upset Rafael Nadal.
Especially if his shorts are on backward.
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