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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
So was I, I said Delpo was not playing better than Novak this year. I meant 2009 Delpo was not playing better than Novak 2012. Sorry I forgot to put a number after Delpo's name.
ha ha ha, LOL ...... delpo was playing much better than djoker in this year's final ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Those matches against Seppi and Tsonga allowed Novak to get into form for his semi vs Fed. They played him into form. And AGAIN with the Fed was error prone. LOL he ALWAYS SEEMS to be error prone when losing to Novak I wonder why this is the case... hmmm I mentioned it in a previous post Novak FORCES HIM into error. Fed is not STUPID he knows that he needs to hit as close to the lines as possible or with as much pace as he can to win rallies against him. It's not like against Del Potro or Roddick or Hewitt where he can play a bit safer and still win the rallies.
err what ? federer wasn't playing well even before he played Novak and that was evident ....

didn't see that last year when he beat novak at RG last year, did you ? or the 3 times he beat him at the USO ?

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
No you did not debunk anything! Tell me WHY FED has FAILED to win more than 4 majors whilst having to beat the #1 or #2 ranked player? He sure as hell has played against them and LOST to them plenty of times.
because the #2 player wasn't there to meet him majority of the times ....

the no of times he has lost to #1 or #2 from 2004-10 - nadal RG 06, nadal RG 07, nadal RG 08, nadal wim 08, nadal AO 09 ... that's 5 times ....oh yeah, that's plenty of times

big decline from AO 2010 onwards , though he's played well in patches ...
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