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Originally Posted by jun
easiest way of hitting it back would be slice. You have to make sure you hit it in front with good swing speed, otherwise the ball's going to float long.

Or you can try to take it on the rise. It will require a lot of practice AND you need to realize immediately it's a moonball and you need to move forward and take it on the rise.
I think 2nd part would be harder.

Or you can move back and hit with a lot of topspin. But some players will come in behind and knock off your shots.
Yes Jun, agreed. Recoginizing it is a moonball after being absorbed in the moment of watching your own ball is another factor that makes taking a ball like that on the rise very difficult. I would also add movement as another obstacle to overcome which ties into conditioning after you recognize the ball is a moonball.

For most club players, they should work on slicing the ball back down. You can get really good quickly by taking a full cut at the ball and "cutting" it down.

Or leaning back, and really hit up for a loopy topspin shot that will land deep as John Thomas suggested.
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