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Today was a really rough day. Rough as in energy depleting, not emotionally rough. I woke up this morning just feeling really tired despite the 9 hours of sleep. I hit the gym despite that though and put up some decent numbers.

125lb x 5 x 3 Front Squat
85lb x 5 x 3 Overhead Press (the first set I only got 4, but my hands were too far apart, oh well)
190lb x 5 x 1 Deadlift

Then I did 15 straight dips.

The deadlifts were really shaky so I am going to stay at the 190lb mark for one more gym session then up it to 200. I was completely dead after the work out though. No energy whatsoever.

I hit for about 45 minutes today and I barely made it through 30 that is how gone I was. That being said though, I am finally getting back into it. I am constructing points and not just trying to blast away. My movement around the court is also getting a lot better. No soreness in my quads and I feel like I can make a good run at this next tournament. The only problem is, is that I don't get the same sense of enjoyment out of playing since coming back. I don't know if it is because I can't push my limits as much or what, but it kind of sucks. Hopefully that feeling will go away once I get to 100%.
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