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Originally Posted by Kenny022593 View Post
I should've taken some

Here are some videos that I took at the gym yesterday for form checks, though.

Squat 135 lb:

Pendlay Row 104 lb:

Was really pushing hard to get those squats up. Form looks like it was really crappy, but I felt it in my leg? So? It was my first time actually doing a plate on each side... ever. I used to never squat and just do leg press. Squats work your legs SO MUCH MORE! It is pretty ridiculous. If I had back problems though, there would be no way in hell that I would do squats.
Gotta get proper squat form. Not that it will make it easier, but still. Your hip joint should be parallel to your knee. AKA, don't stop when your thighs are straight; they should be slightly beyond that.

You may be doing that in the video, but it didn't look like it from my angle.

Keep up the good work lifting though. It'll pay off.
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