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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
No mention of the fact that Newk's win at Kooyong was on grass and his loss on carpet. That had to be a significant factor in Connors' ability to attack Newk's second serve in the exo.
That's true, the surface probably would make a difference in favor of Connors.

I think Vines is saying something true about the second serve, but I'm not sure how much weight can be placed on that factor. Connors broke 4 times in the Challenge Match, 3 times in the AO final -- not a great difference.

It seems that Newk's ability to break Connors changed the most, between the two matches. In AO Newcombe broke 4 times, in Vegas only once. In fact over the course of the first two sets in Vegas he converted only 1 of 11 break points.

Connors did serve well in the challenge match, as Vines said. He out-aced Newk 8 to 6 per press reports.

Newk thought it was his first serve that was the problem; he said it deserted him.
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