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Originally Posted by gsharma View Post
More importantly, why is there such a dearth of emerging talent? I see no exciting prospects on the horizon.
I am probably the worst person to answer this but I think generally, there's not too much money in sport. I don't see parents encouraging a sporting career when you could make much more money in a good job. Sports is like a lottery.

Even among sports, i think cricket will be the choice, not tennis (in India). Tennis is more a rich kid's sport and kids learn it more so they can play when they go abroad to study, or socially.

In my area, when Bhupathi's academy selected a 6-7 year old to go live/practice in Madras/Blore (or wherever it was), his parents refused. They would not part with their darling baby.

I think Yuki Bhambri is the only one on the horizon I've heard of, the Amritraj cousins are already in mid 20's. I suspect YB will also go the way of Bopanna.
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