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Has anyone read this yet?
Kinda funny

My letter to @Wimbledon

June 20, 2012 by pseudofedblog

Good morning fans!

Every year I write a letter to My friends at the Wimbledon. It’s like a tradition we have together. This year because of bloggings technology I thought you would all be so happy to see it so I am sharing it.

I tried to get in contact with Jim Courier to make the deliveries it but his people said he doesn’t do this. I wish he would make up the mind.


Dear Mr. Wimbledon,

I hope you are well. I am.

Here is My usual anniversary letter with the requests for this year’s draw into the Law and Tennis Associations.

I request NOT to be on My side of the draw:
Nadal – I have spoken with Bjorn Borg and we don’t like him.
Djokovic – Noisy families, keeps winning.
Tom Haas – Has an unhealthy interest in other players and their injuries and he beat me in the Halle.
Andrew Murray – Can beat Me. Everybody around him also seems to be called Murray. Suspicious. This is like Paul Anaconda being called Paul Roger. Please investigate, high priority.
Isner – He beat Me in St. David’s Cup and too tall.
Tsonga – He is the French one that knocked Me out last year. There is also something strange on his head this year.
Raonic – Strange name. Too many vowels.
Nalbandian – Dangerous but a good friend to have around in gangster situations.
John McEnroe – He has beaten Borg and is STILL playing now, can you check whether this is legal?
Bartoli – Her serve motions make me frightened.

I request you CAN put on My side of the draw:
Andrew Roddick – He is usually on My side so OK. His cap is always wet.
Lleyton Hewitt – as above
Baghdatis – as above but without the hat.
Goffin – He is the little boy. You can hype this match up a lot with no serious reason. Yes.
Sue Barker – She won the French Open but is quite small.
Johnathan Lloyd – Apparently he used to like having the photos taken of himself in his undergarments. I am not comfortable with how small the fitting was.
Patrick McEnroe – He had a great career as a doubles player and also part of a famous musical duets with Paul Simon.

Thank you for the usual considerations. As usual, Centre Court only, don’t do a Garros on Me.

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