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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
We have this great set of public courts where when guys finish they sit on the wall, drink beer and watch the other matches as they finish. Almost everyone talks trash and while I have brought a few friends over that could not handle this abrasive US open type atmosphere ... this particular guy was a veteran of these courts and while I cannot remember exactly what he said on the next point ... I am sure it was equally as abrasive and likely involved a couple of words that should not be said on a tennis court. It was all in good fun and he took it that way.

It is a great place to play if you like a little trash talk in your game.
I like that atmosphere! We are much more reserved, but what I like about league tennis is the team environment. I wish it were more like this amongst of group of friends first, tennis players second.

As for the OPs situation, I think it was handled beautifully. It let the opponent know that he took notice of the actions and chose to ignore it. Then OP got a little jab in since he was just mentally tougher. Easier to give the jab when you win.

We had a college match here at UF against Miss State. Was a big match with two borderline top ten programs. The #1 was hooting and hollering after nearly every point he won for the visitors and when he did this, the stadium was nearly silent so everyone heard it. It totally fired up his Miss St teamates and they ended up pulling off the upset. While it was annoying to the home team and fans, it worked and paid off huge for them. I can respect that.

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