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Originally Posted by volleygirl View Post
It really is amazing just how amazing a horse Secretariat must have been. 40 years later and still no one has come close to his records?

So he would have won the Triple Crown every year before that and since he won it with his times? Thats ridiculous
And Sham would have broke both previous Kentucky Derby and Preakness records. He floped at the Belmont becuase the Jockey was told to keep alng with Secretariat the whole time. Sham got gassed and the jockey let up.

The race itself is ridiculous. There wasnt any cameras to fit all the horse in at the finish because he was so far ahead.

Fun race to watch though.

Originally Posted by Larrysümmers View Post
i smell PEDs
Maybe, I guess we need to bring him in front of congress to lie then have two trials that the govt can botch and he can get off scott free.
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