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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
I agree with you again, I practiced with someone the other day for 25 mins until his coach (late) got there.

He is a good Jr, top 25 (u-16) in his area, he had one of his Xi's with MSV (I'm sure which one) freshly strung, He put it down after 5 mins, for his old RPM Blast, He said it was the worst polyester he ever tried, no feel whatsoever and very stiff, so as good as he is, with the same racquet, his feedback is very important for me, of course only thing I can hit with him is forehands, otherwise everything else He crushes me.

I told him to try the YPTSpin.
Exactly, they feel horrendous freshly strung. Only after breaking them in, they become "playable" with good durability. Little wonder why they aren't popular amongst pros.
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