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I love how people who don't have tattoos usually assume that those of us who have them are misguided, attention seeking, trend following idiots who will eventually realize that we made a mistake and the anti-body art crowd was right all along. Is it so hard to understand that some people just like permanent body art and may always cherish each piece due to the meaning it has for that person?

I know people who have various tattoos that are like a road map or scrap book of a journey through life and I think that's great. You may disagree and say something like "why not just take pictures?". I assure you that these people have plenty of pictures but wanted to mark the occasion in a more personal and permanent way.

One easy to understand example of this is the large number of Olympic ring tattoos that we will see on TV this summer. I had a conversation with a friend last night who dislikes tattoos for many of the reasons outlined in this thread but she said she thinks that the Olympic tattoos we saw on a couple US divers who were competing in the trials they had on TV weren't bad at all.

Anyway, more power to the OP. If it means something to you then go for it.

P.S. I HIGHLY recommend using Aquaphor ointment on the tattoo while it heals. It's the best.
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