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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
I would say agassis problem was his lack of footspeed. he did move well but lacked athleticsm and top end speed. sampras had the edge there.

If agassi was as fast and athletic as say djokovic sampras would have had a really tough time given andres quality of return and from the baseline. but agassi simply wasn't agile and fast enough even if he was a hard worker and very fit when he was on.
I would agree with that. Sampras mentioned something in his book to that effect.

Sampras overall in the 1990's also was more dominant as a server than Agassi was as a returner. Sampras led the ATP in most years in the 1990's in percentage of holding serve. I don't recall how Agassi did as a returner in percentage of breaking serve exactly but it was nearly as impressive as Sampras as a server.
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