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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

Yeah, I am glad you enjoy the Yonex VCORE 100 S too! While the swing weight is quite low that is generally how I like it to be. Personally, I have had zero problems facing players that hit hard flat balls or heavier balls. I really enjoy this racquet up at net and love it for doubles. I have never had problems with stability.

To answer your questions, no I do not modify my frame in any way. I keep it in stock form and have thoroughly enjoyed it (haven't found a racquet I liked as much in the last 6 months of playtesting).

I have not tried a multi in the racquet yet. One of the main reasons is that I like the control I receive from the poly or hybrid combo as I find this racquet can be powerful at times. As I am still experimenting with string, I will definitely try it out. So far, I have kept my tension around mid and haven't really played with it.

Here is the link to another thread where I was talking about my string preference:

Brittany, TW
"You said: "While the swing weight is quite low that is generally how I like it to be."

Why is this? You get more maneuverability and better access to faster swing speed with low swingweight? Or is there another reason?

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