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Originally Posted by volleygirl View Post
It really is amazing just how amazing a horse Secretariat must have been. 40 years later and still no one has come close to his records?

So he would have won the Triple Crown every year before that and since he won it with his times? Thats ridiculous
Secretariat was amazing. I grew up across the street from Belmont Race Track and worked there as a hot walker when I was in high school (walk the horses to cool them down slowly after a workout). I got to walk a lot of great thoroughbreds, including Secretariat.

Some horses you would have to constantly cajole to walk at all after a hard practise and some you would have to calm down so they wouldn't keep pushing the pace. Secretariat paced himself - he walked us hot walkers instead of the other way around lol. He set exactly the right pace to cool down optimally. Even watching the workouts, you could see that Secretariat would actually anticipate the jockeys and do what they wanted even before the jockeys themselves indicated any changes in pace, direction, cadence.

Thoroughbreds are very smart horses but Secretariat was the smartest I've ever seen before or since.
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