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Default Tension readings after stringing with Jay Cee's method

Hi guys,

I just finished stringing one of my BLX PS 90's using Solinco Tour Bite 1.20 (great great string BTW!!).

I strung my mains with a reference tension of 44 lbs and my crosses with a reference tension of 42 lbs. I'm using a Toalson ST-II crack lock-out machine.

Immediately after finished I used RacquetTune to measure the tension, and to my surprise, the reading was 50.9 lbs!!! I calibrated my machine last week and even strung a few sticks with a generic 2 piece jobs and the readings were spot on: after using 55 lbs for mains and 53 lbs for crosses with a Toalson Rencon 1.25, the reading was 53.5 lbs.

Any ideas or reasonings behind this?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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