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Default Televised College Tennis

10smom brought it up in a different thread, but I thought it was a good enough point that it deserved it's own thread. The televising of this sports is relatively non-existent. This year, I can't even remember if the B1G network had any of their conference matches on air as I recall seeing last year. And the coverage at NCAAs was via web stream, with no audio until the finals.

Obviously, there has to be an issue with paying for it. I don't see how it is feasible for a sport that has relatively small crowds, relatively low budgets for the teams themselves, and not a lot of sponsors willing to pick up the tab.

I have heard that Florida actually has to pay the Sun Sports network a lot (I'm thinking like 5k per match) to get them to come out and cover non revenue sports. And those are done with 3 cameras and 2 on air personalities. With a sport that has matches that can be 5 hours long, I'm not sure if it is even remotely possible to get matches televised live.

So, what are some ideas on how to get tv coverage for college tennis? Where would the funds come from? How would the logistics work? Would the match format have to be altered for time purposes? How could the coverage work to keep it entertaining?

Interested to hear some ideas.

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