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I think you should have different styles for different players. I'll give you an example...I played a guy this weekend in singles(look at my father's day thread). I had him sized up as someone that didn't have much patience and wasn't the brightest guy. It was easily well over 90 degrees on the he asked to play a tie breaker if the match went 3 sets and I said no....anyway...I used his rabbit like tendencies against him and no one could undestand why I wasn't pounding his @$$ like I've done some people. I let him punch himself out and then I used the 2nd and 3rd sets to roll him around the court and it took everything out of him. Had he been someone that didn't move as well, I would have streched him and then blasted balls up the lines on him. So I took the path where I knew I had an advantage and it worked perfectly. He ran like a deer duriong the first set while I was pacing myself. So you need to figure out what your strengths are and use them to your advantage as much as possible while hiding your weaknesses.

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Ok, could use your help here.

I actually played a tournament match this weekend. Played a 3.0 tourney, which I'm not exactly fond of doing for reasons I'll explain in a minute. Anyway, I won the first match 4 and 4 against a 6'8" guy, then had to forfeit out because of circumstances out of my control(unfortunate as it may be).

So I play the guy and I'm up 4-0 in the first set and cruising. Playing the match that I wanted to play, which is attacking and making his big body move around. Then I lose my serve, then my nerve, and soon enough it's 4-4. I break him, then win on my serve to get the first set 6-4. Second set about the same. I'm up 3-1, he comes back to tie again, but I take that one 6-4 too.

The common factor out of this was that I sadly reverted back to that old game of mine once again when he started to come back. In a split second I come from attacking and running him around to pushing, getting into rallies, and forcing mistakes like the old me did. It's kind of why I don't like going backwards, because even if I lose a bunch in 3.5, I'm playing the game I want to play, and I learn from it. This one I won the match, but got back to some old habits again.

How do I avoid this? I love the new attacking style I've employed, even if it's inconsistent. I don't want to panic on the first sign of trouble and shoot myself in the foot.
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