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Originally Posted by shamaho View Post
Thanks for the info. Would you care to elaborate just a bit on why ?

I mean, I would think that only mains on shouldn't place that much tension on the frame... or do they?

If so, even if I leave it on the machine where the supports hold or (should) prevent frame distortions due to the forces ?
Stringing a racquet places a lot of stress on a racquet even though you do not see it. The cross strings evens out the opposing main string forces. I don't think it would be beneficial to leave a racquet partially strung. It does not take that long to string one up anyways, so if you are 1/2 way done best to just finish.I would not start a job unless I can finish it at that time. I know for a fact other stringers will leave a racquet partially strung,I have seen that and thats their choice. I have seen stringers string all one side mains before going to other side and no issues, but thats not right to do even though racquet does not break.There is a stringer in my city that strings Prince racquet crosses bottom up and never broke a racquet,as todays racquets can take a lot of abuse but... its still not right to do. There have been posts before where it was reported that racquets have cracked by leaving it partially strung, was it mounted wrong, or an older frame whith issues and this would have happened anyways, who knows. I will not do it.

It should only be a few minutes since the mains are already done. We're not talking 2 hours of grueling work here.If you plan to string a racquet just give yourself the amount of time you need to do it.

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