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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Interesting. Tell me about your thoughts on the 1956 Tournament of Champions. Obviously you don't rate it as high.
The 1956 T of C was an inaugural event, intended to be the pre-eminent event in the pro game, but lacked Hoad and Rosewall, was only best-of-three sets, and was not at Forest Hills, the media and cultural centre of USA (and the world?). Why not at Forest Hills? Because the event lacked the cache and drawing power at this stage to justify the expense of Forest Hills.
Note: The T of C was also played at White City Sydney in 1959, following the re-designation of the Forest Hills event as the US Pro.
Gonzales won the Sydney T of C by beating both Hoad and Rosewall, his biggest tournament win of 1959.
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