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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
RSI say that the 16 gauge has a stiffness rating of 216 at their standard 60lbs testing tension. That stiffness is 10% less than 17 gauge BHBR which I consider to be a pretty comfortable, springy poly, particularly in 17 gauge. At your friend's 45lbs for the Yonex, stiffness is going to be even lower, so it all sounds good from an arm point of view.

I've just ordered a reel (love the crazy color), along with a reel of Genesis Black Magic. Have ordered completely 'blind' without playing with either of them, but in reel form, they seem too good value to pass up.
Have you hit with this yet? It has shot up to the top of the overall chart on which is hit and miss. Also how do you get a reel in US?
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