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So the day after my last update, I hit with a former teaching pro who is currently on leave because he needs surgery. We hit on the crap dirt because it would be easier on his knee. I still hate the clay, but oh well. It was easier for him and easier on my ankle. My forehand is basically all back and better than it used to be. My backhand, not so much. I either hit it late or it is just a really weak ball.

Yesterday, I took the day off from tennis by accident. Was going to hit, but when I got back to my friend it was too late for him. I did get into the gym though. I al close to hitting 135lbx5x3 bench press. I want it really bad, but can never seem to squeak out that last rep.

Today I hit the gym again and did front squats, OHP, and deadlifts. I decided to start to go lower on my front squats. It wasn't too bad today in all honesty. Since the weight is going up though, I am having trouble keeping the bar from rolling down. I have to look up a prevention method for that. I moved my OHP weight up to 90lbs today and did 3 sets 5 reps, 4 reps, 4 reps. It is getting better. My shoulders and traps have always been pretty weak. I busted out a 195lb deadlift today though for 5 reps! Next deadlift session I will hit that 200 mark and be halfway to my goal!

Hitting today was pretty crappy, though. My friend who also broke his ankle (he did it in the fall season) rolled his ankle again so we only got about 30 minutes of hitting in. I just really need to re-evaluate what I am doing tennis wise and go from there. I am not really having fun doing it and I am beginning to hate the sport I love. I don't know what to do... I am also hitting with some really crappy string.

But I need advice guys from what I just said. What do I do? I want to get better, but the sport is just becoming less and less fun for me. Do I find new people to hit with? What?

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Looks like you're making good progress. Congrats man! Btw what part of the country you living in? Best regards.

I am in NY, btw.
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