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Originally Posted by KneisslDestroyer View Post
Um, not playing tennis is out of the question...ive iced it, last few days feels fine, Im playing this Sunday...I reqdjusted my grip to be sure it is a 4 1/2 and feels so much better in my hand....bigger grip messed me up.
This is interesting to me because 4 days ago after playing a match my grip was painful. It's in the tendon(s) in the back of my (fore)hand. Better now, but still not 100%.

I have big hands and usually put at least two wraps on my racquet handles. Now I'm wondering if that's what caused the problem. The other possibility is that I'm ~65, just got back into tennis after ~40 years, and have been playing a lot. At least today I can clench my right fist without any pain. Two days ago I couldn't do that.

I'm going to stick with the big grip for a while, until or unless somebody gives me a good reason not to.
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