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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I was walking back to our condo a few months ago with the wife after dark. Just after getting into the gate, my wife said "Oh my God". I had no idea what frightened her. She pointed about 15 feet away and there was a 5 foot alligator smilling at us. If people don't feed the gators, they are scared of people. Still is unnerving when they get that close.

I grew up on a lake and a handful of times, a water mocassin got between me and the shoreline. Kinda scary. Another time, a buddy of mine killed a mocassin with a shovel. He tried to use this long pole to grab the snake and fling it over his head behind him into the water. He did not get enough velocity and the snake slid down the pole right on his head. He was flailing around in the water with a dead bloody mocassin on him!

Last story for the day. A few years ago, a co-worker of mine had a large hornet's nest in the base of a tree that his lawn guy begged him to have a professional remove. So he got "the cheap guy" who came without a bee suit. The guy claimed he could kill the nest without needing a suit. The key was to stay calm and show no fear. My co-worker has the video of it. About 10 seconds after the guy started spraying, he started slapping his arm a little. Then he drops his gear, his glasses fall off and he goes off in a full sprint with a swarm of angry hornets behind him. Would be great material for America's Funniest Home Videos. The nest was about 6 feet long when they finally dug it out!
Hey Mike,

Awesome stories! Love reading them! I have to ask, are people really afraid of alligators? I always thought of them to be like strage dogs, if you leave them alone they will mutually leave you alone?

The only thing I've dealt with here in Alberta are rattlesnakes, huge bears, and rats with hooves (deer) that will try to stomp you to death haha!

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